Update Version Not Working
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I am trying to test the latest version of Hansa on my test server, however, last night when I selected "Update Version" in my standard, the status of my test server said updating, but this morning, the version is still the old one.

server IP currently running Standard ERP 8.5 2020-01-07 (85330538)

How can I update this to the latest version?

Many thanks
Any thoughts?
Paul Timms
Hi Alan, were you definitely logged in to MyStandard at the time? Sometimes it can log you out without informing you, and then when you click on an action it looks like it's responding when it's not.
Brittany McGrath
Hi Alan, following up to see if this issue has been resolved or if Paul's reply was of assistance please?
Definitely logged in, the status of the server even changed to "updating version", but then when it changed back to Running Test, the version had not changed and I could not see anything in the log file to suggest an update had happened.
So how do I update my test server to the latest version so I can test before upgrading?
I need to update my test system to the latest version for testing before I update, how can I do this when the update version feature is not working for me?
This is becoming more urgent now.
Simone M.
Hi Alan,
I've updated your test server named "Flynn Test" to version STDERP_8.5-2023-03-16-0007
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