Pass data with Space in Rest API
We are trying to push data into our database using REST API, but the code has spaces in the values. We have tried UrlEncode method suggested by your team, which is given in the following message.

Still it didn't work. Please advise on how we can go about it, below is the code;

curl -X POST 'http://test:9Series@ MATT&set_field.ShipAddr1=P.O.BOX 3069&set_field.ShipAddr2=KISII&set_field.ShipAddr3=KENYA&set_field.InvAddr0=GUSII MATT&set_field.InvAddr1=P.O.BOX 3069&set_field.InvAddr2=KISII&set_field.InvAddr3=KENYA&set_field.DespatchDate=2020-04-23&set_field.PlanShipDate=2020-04-23&set_field.OrderType=Normal&set_field.CurncyCode=KSHS&set_row_field.0.ArtCode=TPG01088&set_row_field.0.Quant=240&set_row_field.0.Price=375.00'
Hector Parada

Our team has been on separate communication with you regarding this.

A normal space should work. If not, you might have to urlencode it
E.g. UrlEncode(sometext)

Also if the spaces does not work have you tried to replace it with a %20

Where are you with this?Did you still need assistance?
Hector Parada

Please remember if the spaces does not work have you tried to replace it with a: %20

If you continue to have issues feel free to reopen the question

Best Regards
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