Incorrect Item Status Bar
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SERP 8.5 2021-08-28

I am having issues with my item status bar and the values showing in the Order and P,Order boxes.
Basically, quite a few items are showing that they have an amount on Sales order or Purchase Order when there are no such records open for that item. If I click the Order or P. Order blue buttons, a blank report is shown.

This is messing with my item deficiency report and means I cannot keep on top of my stock re-ording correctly.

I have tried importing a text back up into a test system and running the "recalculate items status" maintenance but all the seems to do is change the items that have the incorrect values!

How can I get these figures correct so my deficiency list report is accurate?
Edwin He
Hi Alan,
Thank you for the question. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

May I ask some question regarding the Order with Item that has incorrect Item Status Bar info for further investigation please?
1. Is the Order "Closed"?
2. Is there a Returned Goods connected to the Order?
3. If the Order is Closed, when was the Returned Goods created? before or after the Close?

There are quite a few items that have this issue, however, after checking 3 of them which have an incorrect balance in the P.Order field of the item states bar, they all have something in common.

They all have a Returned Goods to Supplier record for the same qty that is in the item status bar.

The Returned Goods to Supplier record is set to reduce quantities “received only” and the purchase orders are all un oked and open.
At some point, for all 3 purchase orders, there was a second goods receipt after the returned goods record which set the Purchase Order status to completely received and then a purchase invoice for the total amount.
Edwin He
Hi Alan,

Thank you for your response and helped my investigation.
However, I could not be able to repeat the issue you have, here are the steps I did:
1. I created a new Purchase Order with new Stocked Item No. 10000 @Qty 100
2. Then I made Goods Receipt of Qty 50 from the Purchase Order
3. Then I made a Returned to Supplier from the Goods Receipt of Qty 30 (Reduce Stock: Received Only) and OK it
4. Then I made Goods Receipt of Qty 80 from the Purchase Order and OK it
5. Then I made Purchase Invoice from the Goods Receipt and OK it

The Item Status Bar looks alright to me, even after Recalculate Item Status.
Is there some settings/steps I am not aware of?

Thank you very much.

PM HansaWorld
Thanks Edwin.

Unfortunately, as you say, the issue does not seem easy to replicate. I would say that we have had issues with the Item status bar balance for many years now in multiple versions of Hansa, so it could we be a legacy issue that has simply continued through to today.

Ideally it would be good to know of a way to either investigate further to try and get to the bottom of what is causing the issue, or a way to re-set the status bar to its correct values so we can start a fresh?

Best regards,
Edwin He
Hi Alan,

Thank you for your response.

Yes, the way to “reset” is through Technics module>>Routines>>Maintenance>>Recalculate Item Status again. Taking a backup before you do it is highly recommened.

I would also suggest you reach out to one of our partners in your region and ask for a consultancy to investigate further.

Best regards

PM HansaWorld
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