1p out on VAT
Peter Scott
I guess we've been lucky before but I'm encountering a persistent 1p out between invoice and payment.
We have just started a new web site using prices which are built around prices calculated in Standard ERP using the discount matrix. I worked them all through in SERP before inputting them into the site, but when a couple of other items are added and then VAT is calculated some of them are 1p out.

Without major debugging of the price structure I need an easy way of knocking 1p off my VAT calculation.

There is nothing on the Invoice, goods receipt or Invoice (that I can see), how would I deal with this at the payment /receipt level. I don't have the currency modules so can't use the round off facility I presume.
Hello Peter,

Please look at your settings for rounding off which you can find in module System -> Settings -> Round off.

Best regards,

HansaWorld Support
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