Error: Could not connect to server. Help please
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We are unable to access Hansa today either in the office or offsite, however it worked fine on Friday.

Our technician has confirmed that no network changes have occurred. Early last week we implemented SharePoint and deactivated access to the server from all workstations, although the server is still running as normal.

Certainly nothing our end to explain why Hansa operated as normal on Friday but not this morning.

We also have access to email, internet and all other apps.

Could you please assist urgently as we can not currently operate our business.


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Brittany McGrath
Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your post. I am looking into this urgently for you.
I will provide an update as soon as possible.
More for you soon.
Brittany McGrath
Hi Rebecca,

We were instructed by our local Partner that your issue has now been resolved.
Can you confirm this is correct? And that you don't require any further assistance?
Thank you.
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