Task Manager Window - Period Field
Jessica Baldwin
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When a user logs in the Pop Up Task Manager window that comes up automatically shows all outstanding Tasks.

The “Period” field defaults to include the date of the earliest outstanding activity.

However, if the Pop Up window is closed and the user accesses their tasks through the Task Manager Icon on the main Navigation Window instead, the “Period” field is defaulting to today’s date, and therefore no Tasks are showing.

The Period field in here should automatically be the date of the earliest outstanding Task – same as the Pop up window we get when logging in.

The user can go to the Task Manager via the icon and change the date in the “Period “ field and the outstanding tasks will come up, but this should be automatic, as it is when the pop up task window comes up when logging in. It doesn’t seem to happen for all users which is the bit we don’t understand.

We wondered if this might be a know bug in the version that we are using (8.5 2019-06-12) or possibly just a setting somewhere that we need to look at?

Many thanks.
Fernanda Casique

That is an old version, this might be tested in Released version: 2022-11-25
Jessica Baldwin
Created byFernanda Casique12:31 13 Jan 2023
Hello, That is an old version, this might be tested in Released version: 2022-11-25
Thanks for the reply. Do you know if this issue is a known bug in the older versions?
Fernanda Casique
There is any report bug related to it, is it possible for you to test in newest version? and check results?

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