IMPORTANT!! MacOS clients not launching
HansaWorld Adriatic
Affected versions are any clients autoupdated to the following versions/builds

8.5 2020-08-13 build 3238 and later
8.5 2020-09-14 build 3811 and later
8.5 2020-10-26 build 4232 and later

Note: freshly installed clients are ok

If customers or partners are experiencing issues launching their MacOS client, the following can be done to temporarily resolve it:

Multi-user System
1. Log into MyStandard and download a client for your server OR
2. Download a client from and manually connect to your server with IP and Port (the version should be the same as your server)

Single-user System
1. Download a new client from and restore the latest backup

To resolve, the server needs to be updated to one of the following

8.5 2020-08-13 build 3239
8.5 2020-09-14 build 3833
8.5 2020-10-26 build 4257

Note: this will not fix already broken clients, but will prevent the same thing from happening in the future. Already broken clients need to be fixed using the above methods mentioned.
Peter Scott
Am I safe to assume from this that if I ensure than I upgrade my Standard Enterprise Multi-user system to the latest version that I can then update my system to the new Apple system software Big Sur. I am currently running 8.5 2020-08-13.
HansaWorld Adriatic

We recommend to wait for next release version of Standard ERP
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