Restore a database on a standalone installation
Bilal Dadar
My first query, so please bear with me.

At our work we have a Hansa ERP free licence installation, in use for over 5 years now.
I need to extract huge datasets going back to 2015 for management reporting and to respond to audit queries. However, our server cannot handle the queries concurrent with the regular usage. It keeps hanging for the other users as soon as I run my report requests. As a consequence, I want to copy the hdb file onto a standalone installation of Standard Accounts on my PC so as to run all reports without slowing down the system for the other users.

I have not yet created a company on my standalone installation.
The guy who did the server install in 2015 is no longer working with us and we have no idea of any master passwords or registration details.
Q1. How do we proceed to "install" the HDB file onto the standalone system?

Q2. How can we obtain the master password on the server so that we can create new users and do other system maintenance tasks on the server?
Q4. Do we have to recreate the exact company details on the standalone in order to have the database file recognized by the system?
Richard Saunders
Hi Bilal

Thanks for reaching out.

There are a few things you can try before resorting to restoring a backup to another client. This would be the much more difficult path to take for various reasons, including the fact that if an enabler gets restored to the new system, your current one would go into restricted mode and stop working.

Therefore I highly recommend that you not copy or move the HDB anywhere. In the event that the following doesn't work, I will walk you through a step by step process which is used to restore a database backup to another client.

There are ways to increase report performance in SERP by making a few configuration changes. Let's try these first.

1. Navigate to Technics Module >> Settings >> Database Status.
2. Select Manual, and make sure that the database is in LIVE mode.
3. Next, go to System Module >> Settings >> Optional Features
4. Once this is open, go to the "Unsupported" tab, and tick the "Updating Web Calls while running reports"
5.Next go to the "Performance" Tab and make sure that the "Parallel Report" setting is set to "Multi Thread" and you tick "Forms on Threads" as well.

Now you can save, and restart SERP Server and try to run the reports again. There should be a marked performance improvement.

In the meantime, could you please provide me with your complete customer code so that I can
investigate further?

With regards to the "master password", an admin user should be able to access this? If not, is the admin user using a standard ID ot a local user. If it is a standard ID, you can reset the password at If there is no londer any admin access, we will have to involve our programmers.

Please update me of any progress.

Kind regards,
Richard Saunders

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