Standard ERP Downloading HAL files from Server
Dave Briggs
Hi there,

We have a customer that operate multiple sites, they always have even on version 6.3 that they have just migrated from.
They’ve upgraded to Standard ERP on the same server that was running the old version – they’ve just disabled the old service.
They use a public, static IP address in the client hansa.hdb file for these remote sites – same as they did for the old version.
When we connect (from my laptop) to the Public, static IP from my client, it doesn’t download the halcust/halpatch files – they’re present in Halrules and they’re set to auto-distribute. It’s not permissions on my installation as it’s my laptop and I can do anything on my laptop.
Also, when we login, we login to the top company, but when we swap companies, it doesn’t swap to the other company and we get a lost connection message.
The firewall is switched off on the server.

We’ve installed Wireshark to monitor the traffic.

When we login and the software tries to download the HAL files, the client machine sends a reset command to the server to tell it to disconnect.

If we copy the HAL files to the installation, we can login to the top company but when we try and swap companies, the server sends a reset to the client to tell it to disconnect.

The log files on the client report the following lines when swapping companies:

2018-10-01 10:58:55 (1) KATE sending async mpRemoteCallNW no 34
2018-10-01 10:58:55 (1) sending async mpRemoteCallNW no 35
2018-10-01 10:58:57 (5) KATE sending sync mpRegisterAtSV no 36

And then it shutsdown.

I’ve tested all the ports and IP addresses are open on the server and they call come back with a true response.

Any ideas?


Best wishes


HansaWorld Adriatic
Hi Dave,

thank you for detailed description of an issue. Can you please provide Standard ERP version.

Dave Briggs
Created byHansaWorld Adriatic14:46 10 Oct 2018
Hi Dave, thank you for detailed description of an issue. Can you please provide Standard ERP version. Regards Dejan
Hi Dejan,

We are on 8.4 2018-01-26 with a Halcust/Halpatch.


HansaWorld Adriatic
HI Dave.
I tried to repeat on same version, but HAL files were distributed to client and i was able to switch between companies.
I suggest you to reimport database. If issues is repeatable, then please report a bug

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