setting up a demo system
Peter Scott
In old versions prior to cloud nodes etc we used to be able to run a second system so tat we could run a demo. We have a new person starting in our office and it quite appeals to me to give her basic training and let her play with a demo system, our data but not live as such.

Is this possible now and if so how do I do it.
Tomas J.

at the moment of writing, you can have a test system (mirror system of your current system) for 2 weeks for free, and you should contact your local Hansaworld office to create one for you. After 2 weeks it's paid.

There will be an option on Mystandard to create a test system you can create in a click of a button.

Best regards,

Hansaworld support
Tomas J.
Also another way is:

you can subscribe for the time you need for additional company : 5 pounds/month. Create second TEST company in your database, export data from current, and import to that TEST company.

What it means, you will have a clone of your system, where your future employees can play around and learn. Only con for this price is 1 user at a time, it means only one employee can access that test company. When he/she leaves, another can access it. But for training it's enough.

Best regards,

Hansaworld support
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