Currently we do not have any running clients or server applications.

Below is what we did

1.    We ran a runtime export back up on both our companies (we could only do this after stopping both the service running
2.    Ran the update on my standard page from our initial 8.1 to recommended 8.4
3.    After upgrade installed new 8.4 client on pc but couldn’t not connect to our service/server
4.    We installed new 8.4 server on our local server but cannot run the application to run an import of our intial export back up.


Do we need to have a running installation on a local server for version 8.4 or only run services from my standard page?
How do we resolve this issue and get our Hansaworld Standard ERP running again?

Attached find the error we see when we try to run the client 8.4 standard erp on both a user PC and on the server.

Kindly revert on the above as soon as possible as we are unable to trade the whole day today.
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Tomas J.

first of all, can you provide your company name, so we would check the server, did it update properly or not.

1. when you updated the server, was it running properly, HDB correct size, as it was before?
2. if the server was running, and HDb was correct, how did you do step 3 ? Did you try to use mystandard, and "connect" >> download client?

Firstly check these two options, to find out is your server running properly. If so, then you should be able to connect to it with downloaded client from mystandard.

We don't want to mix things up for you with local servers, so please confirm above.

Initialy, on mystandard update is done in this sequence:

1. Stop server, and push create backup.
2. When backup is finished, you can double check in "File manager" >> Backup folder, that you can see the proper backup, with todays date. TB180802.txt

3. Click update version, specify available cache, and version you want to update to. Push Update.
4. After update check server HDB is similar size as in 8.1.
5. Try to connect with your current client's to server. The clients shouls say please update client, click update.
6. If autoupdate fails, you can't connect, in mystandard, click on Connect>>download client - this will download new 8.4 client, install it, and it should connect straight to the server.
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