Save invoice with out of stock items

In pervious versions of Hansa, if I entered an item which has zero stock in to an invoice and tried to save it, the message "More than in stock" would show.
In my current version (8.5 2019-09-15) I am able to save the invoice with out of stock items on it and only when I check the ok check box and go to save does it show me the warning.

Is there a setting somewhere I can use to turn back on the functionality of not allowing an invoice to be saved when out of stock items have been added? When we are on the phone to a customer, before we take payment and ok the invoice, we need to check that all the items on the invoice are in stock, so it is important that this warning gets shown when we click the save button, not just when we have checked ok and save.

We are using the invoice update stock feature


Fernanda Casique
Hi Alan,

This message is shown at the moment of Delivery, for invoices it is correct to have a warning message before save it.

Also you can use the Item Status Bar to check continuously the stock for an item added into the invoice. You can activate this in Sales Ledger Module> Settings > Items Settings > Enable "Show Item Status" option.

We already use the item status bar, but when an invoice contains multiple lines and you are processing over the phone with a customer, you don't have time to check each line as you enter it.

I don't want to OK and save the invoice before I have taken payment in case the card is rejected, but I also don't want to take payment until I Know everything is in stock.

Why has it change from checking stock levels at Save and now only checks at OK and save? It has been this way for over 10 years and now suddenly changes! Surely there should be an option for this so customers can choose their preference.
Fernanda Casique
Hi Alan,

indeed this was removed in our earlier version of 8.4, we will consider adding it again.

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