Ordered qty on Delivery changed
Hi, so I have a Sales order which has an item on it with a qty of 12,000.
Every 2 weeks, a delivery is created for qty 400

for the first 24 deliveries, the ordered qty on the delivery record shows correctly the original ordered qty (12,000) less what has already been delivered.

However, I have just noticed that somehow, on the 25th delivery, the ordered qty has jumped up by 2,000 odd.
This means, when I run the order status report, it is showing an incorrect outstanding qty, and also has a negative amount on the picking qty for some reason.

Any idea how this may have happened?

Version 8.5 - 2020-06-05
Build 85342421
Jeanay Smith

Would you please check if:

1.Has anyone made any returns of goods from the first 24 deliveries?

2.Did anyone add to the original sales order?

Best regards
Hi Jeanay,

There are no returned goods for any of the deliveries and the sales order qty still shows the original qty of 12,000 so nothing has been added.

Many thanks

Ahmed Gharaibeh
Hi Alan,

I would suggest you run the Rebuild Database command from your MyStandard,

You should have an Admin Access to the server on MyStandard to run this command

The rebuild will be added to the Server Activity Log

Best regards
If all the rebuild database command does is do an export / import of my database, then I have already done this in to a local test system and the issue is still prevalent.

What else does the Rebuild Database routine do? If it does something extra over and above an export / import of a text backup, how can I perform this in a local test system to see if it fixes anything?
Any thoughts?
HansaWorld Adriatic
Hi Alan,

in module Sales Orders > Routines > Maintenance > select "Recalculate Orders":
1. In field Order specify order number

2. tick checkboxes Delivered Qty and Invoiced Qty
3. select button Run

Check the order status report again and let me know know if the issue has been resolved
Thanks for that. So the Recalculate Order Maint did seem to fix the Order Status totals of "To Ship" and "Outstanding" etc.

The one thing that is still showing, which I don't know if makes a difference or not, is the ordered column in the report still shows an incorrect value.
As you can see from the attached image, the ordered value is decreasing by 400 each time, but then jumps from 2,817 to 4,834.
Obviously the recalculate maintenance doesn't adjust these values, however I am guessing this doesn't make any real difference?

Best regards,
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HansaWorld Adriatic
Hi Alan,

I am glad to hear that maintenance fixed issue.

We will look into how to resolve issue for the "Ordered value"

HansaWorld Adriatic
Hi Alan,

We were able to repeat the issue and our development team will look into it.

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