Invoicing of Freight Cost
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When adding a number in the freight or customs field on the footer of a purchase order, this figure follows through to the goods receipt and is spread across the items equally to get a correct cost price.
When creating the purchase invoice, what is the correct way to allocate this freight or customs charge to a different supplier to the one on the purchase order?

Lets say you order 10 items at £1 each form supplier X and also get a bill from Royal Mail for customs for £10
The cost price of each item in the goods receipt is going to be £2 and the on the purchase invoice, there will be 2 lines, one posting to a stock account for £10 and one posting to a customs account for £10
How in Hansa is it recommended to post this customs cost to Royal Mail in a purchase invoice, rather than to suppler X?

Is it simply the case that you create the purchase invoice from the goods receipt, delete the customs line and ok and save.
Then go back to the goods receipt and create another purchase invoice for the remaining customs charge and change the supplier on the Purchase invoice to Royal Mail, or is there another way to do this in Hansa?

George Costa
Hi Alan,

Sorry for the delay on the response.

There is a different option to do what you are describing.

First, go on Purchase Orders module, and on Settings, open "Purchase Order Settings"
Check the checkbox "Extra Costs Invoices from different Suppliers".

Usually when you select the 'Create Purchase Invoice' option from a Purchase Order, the Purchase Invoice will be created immediately, and it will only contain the ordered Items. If you are using this option, the Purchase Invoice will not be created immediately, and instead a window will open where you can specify that any or all of the Freight, Customs and Extra Costs are to be included in the Invoice as well. This window will also allow you to create separate Invoices for these Extra Costs, perhaps using a different Supplier to the one on the Purchase Order.

This option is not valid if you create the purchase invoice from the goods receipt. If you do it from there, the purchase invoice will be created automatically and it will include all extra costs, like it does now.

I will add this functionality as a wish for future releases.


George Costa
PM HansaWorld
George Costa

Just a reminder that if you are using this option, you should also use the Transfer Each Item Separately option in the Purchase Invoice Settings setting and you should also specify Accrual Accounts for Freight, Customs and each of the Extra Costs in the Account Usage Stock setting.

George Costa
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