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Richard Freeth
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I have just been trying to set up and faced a few problems.

1) The installer failed - fixed by stopping Kaspersky, install then ran fine. Unblocked my firewall and started entering my company and user details - all good.
2) Having created my company and entered details for User1 I tried to log in as per the Getting Started video. I clicked the Login button with User1 and just get a "Bad password" message. I have checked my spam folder on our hosted Exchange, no emails from you.
3) I tried setting up on a VM and my account is known, see the video!Ap9VIhg2mc9jj-stfkCEPHpIMZZhSw

What do I do next, please?
Ahmed Gharaibeh
Hi Richard,

Based on the video, you didn’t use you standard ID that ends with (

Please use your Standard ID and the same password you set from before to login to the system

Please inform me if that didn’t work
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