Analytical Cashflow
Nick Claxson

I want to export a cash flow forecast and believe the analytical cashflow export in the Sales Ledger is used to do this. However the export appears only to cover exporting to a txt file. This is not usable for us as we need it at least as a CSV so we can drop it into a spreadsheet.

Is there another way ?

Hello Nick.

Thank you for your message.

Copying the data in the .TXT-file and then marking the first row & line in the spreadsheet and pasting the data there would work.

Did you try that?

Hope that would solve your issue.

Best Regards.

Paul Timms
Hi Nick

There's a report called Liquidity Forecast in the Nominal Ledger, which you can send to Excel. There's also the ability to define your own Cash Flow report in the Nominal Ledger, by going to Nominal Ledger > Settings > Report Settings, then double-clicking on Cash Flow. Defining this report is the same as defining Key Financial Ratios, the manual for which you can find at


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