P&L output to 12 months
Nick Claxson
Hi There

Standard reporting in accounts requires us to output a P&L report containing the current month and a number of months in comparison prior to it on a month by month basis, normally to show progress throughout a financial year.

I understand this can be created as it is not a default report (really should be) within the Key Financial Ratios however your online instructions appear dated and refer to areas we cannot find.

As we run ERP 8.5 please can we have step by step instructions or even better if we could have a video to follow.

This is quite an urgent enquiry please.
Michael Wyeth
Hi Nick

When you refer to the training material appearing dated, are you referring to the two below links? Please can you elaborate on which areas you cannot find, as the functionality the links describe should be what is available in your system (8.5 2019-12-07 85260003).




Best regards,

HansaWorld Support
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