Stock valuation and forward balances
I have an issue with stock valuation and forward balances in my system which I am unsure how to resolve.

I recently updated to 8.5 from 8.1, during the update process I noticed that some of my Goods receipts were not creating a NL transaction. Long story shot, somehow my Nominal ledger Subsystem settings had been altered and the check box and date for create transaction had been cleared. I can only imagine this was a bug in my previous version as no-one has access to change this in my system bar me, and I did not touch it.

Anyway, subsequently about a months worth of Goods Receipts, Deliveries, Stock Movements, Depreciations, Productions and returned goods were missing their NL transaction.
I managed to create these missing NL transactions via the maintenance but I then noticed another issue.

On my Stock List report, some items are showing a zero Unit Cost value. I have no idea how they have zero value now and I cannot see any logic behind why this would happen, the only thing they all have in common is they all have a stock updating record that has been entered after the sub system setting was somehow unticked. The odd thing is, there are also other items that have a stock updating record being entered after the sub system issue, but these do not have a zero value.
I can’t for the life of me work out what is going on.

I have attempted to do a stock revaluation for the affected items, however, for some reason, when I enter a New Cost of anything less than £1, the value of the stock is not updated, if I enter a value of £1 or over, it is updated!

After speaking to IT System Integrators who manage my server, they suggested doing a stock rebuild to fix the issue. The problem is, after this rebuild, the stock valuations did not get corrected and I now have some items that have a forward balance from the beginning of time where they didn’t before!

What would be the process to try and unpick this mess and do we have any idea how the subsystems got modified in the first place? Is this a known bug?

Best regards,
Paul Timms
Hi Alan

Regarding the £1 issue, can you check System > Settings > Round Off? It sounds like cost prices have been reset to 0 decimals.

If there's a forward balance in Item History, this means that the Item Status Support Register has incorrect "In Stock" balances. The Item History report works backwards from the Item Status figure, rather than working forwards from the beginning of time. I've written a report which runs through Item History from the beginning of time to find the stock balance, then compares this with the Item Status figure to show the discrepancies. If you want to discuss this, contact me on Skype or give me a call.


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