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Hi, does anyone have any update on how to successfully link Hansa and Amazon stock levels as per this thread
Brittany McGrath
Hi Alan,
I have followed up with the Product Manager who was assisting you in your original post and asked them to get in contact with you for an update. More for you soon.
Thanks, I believe I replied on the original question
if you need further info, please do get in contact.
Martins Ebersteins
Can you, please:
1. Integration -> Settings -> Amazon WS Integration - add checkbox "Log Communication"
2. restart server
3. run the function to send stock balances from item to Amazon
4. check the log file created on the server - what have we sent to Amazon and what was Amazons response
2022-09-03 13:50:32 Shopify stock levels task wasn't running, so setting it up to run again on 03/09/2022 at 14:50:00
2022-09-03 13:50:30 GetShoppingBasket GetWebSessionUUID=0A3516A3-FF7F0000-103616A3-FF7F0000-01000000
2022-09-03 13:49:38 *GATE* Requesting Presence address
2022-09-03 13:49:38 AB Requesting Presence address
2022-09-03 13:49:38 Requesting Presence address
2022-09-03 13:49:32 /THREAD(5) DoUpdateDatabaseRestrictions magic=25297, restrictf=2, shutdownf=2
2022-09-03 13:49:32 FAILED to add idle task EnablerVersionPkgMnTask because the HAL function EnablerVersionPkgMnIdleTask does not exist
2022-09-03 13:49:32 Requesting Presence address
2022-09-03 13:49:30 *** Running with Local Backups, plan level 1 ***
2022-09-03 13:49:29 *GATE*/THREAD(6) Requesting Presence address
2022-09-03 13:49:29 *GATE* Login @
2022-09-03 13:49:29 Incoming Connection from:
2022-09-03 13:49:29 Client didn't provide a server UUID
2022-09-03 13:49:28 AB Login @
2022-09-03 13:49:28 AB DEBUG [AB] PX0
2022-09-03 13:49:28 AB DEBUG [AB] PX3 1
2022-09-03 13:49:28 Incoming Connection from:
2022-09-03 13:49:28 Server process running, pid 59904
2022-09-03 13:49:28 DoHttpRequest4 failing with ht.status 2
2022-09-03 13:49:28 DoHttpRequest4 malformed response or not found 405
2022-09-03 13:49:28 Listening on port: 443 (HTTPS)
2022-09-03 13:49:28 Listening on port: 80 (HTTP)
2022-09-03 13:49:28 Listening on port: 7894 (Clients)
2022-09-03 13:49:28 8.5 2021-08-28 (build 85400029)
2022-09-03 13:49:28 Sync started
2022-09-03 13:49:28 Using EPOLL
2022-09-03 13:49:28 Database ID is: 3729959E503AB0D5240F62E5A6008664
2022-09-03 13:49:28 enabler flag 2 set by using UNPACKFIELDMATRIX in halcust/level0/Documents/DoInvFormTool3.hal:83
2022-09-03 13:49:27 *** using a freelist to keep track of free space ***
2022-09-03 13:49:27 Open database HANSA.HDB
2022-09-03 13:49:27 *** Using LRU Replacement ***
2022-09-03 13:49:27 *** running with new mail receiving and parsing ***
2022-09-03 13:49:27 16384 hash table entries added
2022-09-03 13:49:27 20547 cache sectors added
Any ideas why it wouldn't be working for us?
Martins Ebersteins
You are checking the wrong file - instead of checking hansa.log file on the server, there should be new log files created specifically for the Amazon. You will recognise them as they will have the name "Amazon" in them. Please check the content of those files.
Thanks Martins, there is a file called _AmazonMWS-request-SubmitFeed_POST_INVENTORY_AVAILABILITY_DATA_
with the following info in it





Created byAlan13:24 28 Sep 2022
Thanks Martins, there is a file called _AmazonMWS-request-SubmitFeed_POST_INVENTORY_AVAILABILITY_DATA_ with the following info in it
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Martins Ebersteins
Hey, Alan,

There should be one more file with the response from Amazon - that is more important.
This file shows what you (SERP) have tried to submit to Amazon.

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Martins Ebersteins
Hello, Allan,

You are experiencing a quite common issue - you are sending to Amazon the requests with wrong time stamp.
To explain, how does it work - when you initiate sending of data to Amazon, the file has a "time stamp", writing exact date and time when the request was created. When Amazon gets the request, it validates, is it the same time as now or something different. In your case, the file on the side of Amazon is considered from the future =)
In this case the issue almost always is connected with the fact that the GMT Offset is set incorrectly.
Please open Integration -> Settings -> Amazon WS Integration and change the GMT Offset accordingly to where your server is located - you have to set there the GMT offset of your server (not client).
In your case I would assume that the offset has to be less (e.g. if you have now 2.0, it should be changed to 1.0 or 0.0).
After the change, as I remember, you need to restart the server.
Please try and let me know does it help.

Thanks, my GMT offset was set to 0.0
I changed it to 1.0, but after restarting the server and attempting to update an items stock level again, I get the error in the reply log file as
Access denied.

Access denied

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Martins Ebersteins
Hi, Alan,

Have you authorised HansaWorld as new developer on the Amazon side, as described in the white-paper?

1. Log in to Amazon seller central:
2. Go to ‘Partner Network’ and choose ‘Manage Your Apps’
3. Press ‘Authorise new developer’
and fill in:
Developer’s name – Hansaworld Developer ID:
• ifyourregionisNorthAmerica,enter622323200200
• if your region is Europe, enter 534230778462
then press ‘Next’, agree on responsibility for third party action and press ‘Next’ again.
In the following window you will get information about: • Seller ID
• Marketplace ID
• MWS Auth Token
please store it as this information will be needed for the next

Yes, I believe so
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Any further ideas? Does anyone actually have this working in a live system?
Martins Ebersteins
Hi, Alan,

I have actually implemented this for a customer of mine a while ago.
I have went through the setup and there doesn't seem anything missing - if it does not work for you, there is either something done wrong in the described steps or something your system specific why it doesn't.

I wonder, do you have a partner who could help you, as this would require doing the system investigation and checking what is going on...

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